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What the Ladybird heard

Temps de lecture : 3 minutes
What the Ladybird heard

Proposition d'une séquence pédagogique pour les cycles 1, 2 et 3 à partir d'un album en anglais : What the ladybird heard.

Pour accompagner la lecture de cet album : la séquence pédagogique.

With all the MOOing, HISSing or BAAing or OINKing… in a very noisy farm, the quiet Ladybird (who never before had said a word) will save the famous cow, stopping two thieves from stealing it!

“What the Ladybird heard” by the author Julia Donalson & illustrated by Lydia Monks
(Ed. Macmillan Children’s Books – 2009)

A rhyming story which deals with farm animals, the onomatopoeias of their sounds, locations (right, left, straight on…) and instructions (go, pass…).

Once upon a farm lived many animals such as cows, ducks, cats, hens, horses and so on, who were very noisy…
The Ladybird who never said a word heard two thieves whisper how they would plan to steal the fine prize cow. So this little spotty ladybird told their cunning plan to all the farm animals and gave them her idea to thwart the plot.
The tiniest, quietest creature of all saved the others…

The author
Julia Donalson is also the author of famous stories such as “The Gruffalo”, “Hippo Has a Hat”, “The Princess and the Wizard”… and poems “Crazy Mayonnaisy Mum”.
Many of her books are in rhyme.
They are very colored. You can look for the glittery Ladybird on every page !

My opinion
This story is great to act out. The pupils (from 8 to 11 years old) can make their own map in the farm and they can use their own instructions to give the way towards the shed.
Identifying the rhymes in all the sentences is also very interesting (hen/pen, hog/dog, van/plan, how/cow, night/right, ahead/shed…).
With the very young pupils (from 5 to 7 years old), you can tell the story as if you were in a farm, followed by the pupils who say the sounds of the animals.

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